eve c. | group a level biology classes, 2020

I usually don’t take the time to write reviews however for Olivia I would write endless reviews praising her! She is an amazing teacher and a great person who will not stop encouraging and teaching you until you are more than confident in the material. The effort she puts into each one of her sessions is phenomenal I can only imagine the time it takes to create a lesson like she does. I don’t think I’ll find many other tutors who create such a safe and fun learning environment. Olivia gets to know each of her students, new or old, and makes us feel welcome. Her passion for biology shines through, something which she has projected onto each one of us. I never would’ve thought that biology lessons would be something I would look forward to each week. I feel very very lucky that I stumbled across Olivia’s lessons; she has given me an incredible understanding and love of biology as well as a massive head start to the a level course, for which I can’t thank her enough.

ella b. | group a level biology classes, 2020

Words can’t describe how gateful I am to have Olivia’s support! I am a year 11 student who is currently preparing for A levels. I decided to join Olivia’s ‘Fundamentals of A level Biology’ sessions in order to get a good head start on the course. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the content. However, Olivia explains things fully so that all abilities are able to understand the topic- even if it’s their first time learning it. We usually begin the lesson with a Kahoot quiz, which either consolidates our knowledge from the previous session or informs Olivia of our prior knowledge so that she can work around this. The course is structured so that topics and session will link together- which helps build on your understand of Biology as a whole, which is key at A level. The course also allows us to build on our exam technique practise which is just as important as the content. Olivia is always happy to go over things and answer any questions as she goes along. Personally, I find the sessions extremely relaxed meaning that learning becomes fun rather than a chore! It is clear how much effort Olivia puts in, due to the quality of the lesson and how lessons are linked together to help with our understanding of topics. I can tell that Olivia truly cares about her students, as she is always online to help us with any queries we have or even just for a catch up! There aren’t enough words to describe how truly amazing Olivia is, anyone who is lucky enough to have Olivia should feel truly honoured to have someone as passionate and caring as her! So thank you Olivia for changing many students lives and I’m sure many more in the future!

@path.to.medicine | group a level biology classes, 2020

I genuinely feel so lucky to have across Olivia’s page, not only is she an amazing tutor, but also an incredible person! You can clearly see how much time and effort she puts into everything she does (tuition, resources and live sessions); making sure everything is of the highest quality. I would 1000% recommend Olivia, she doesn’t just go over the content but also ensures that we understand exam technique to maximise our success whilst also giving us tips and advice with general revisions as well!! You will not come across a tutor as amazing as Olivia!!

valentina b. | group a level biology classes, 2020

I can’t say enough good things about Olivia! I’ve been watching her “fundamentals of a level biology” webinars and they have been such a great resource to help me prepare and get a head start on a level biology. I love how Olivia focuses on understanding and simplifying the content as well as exam technique which is super important for success in a level biology. Her condensed, precise notes utilise years and years of a level biology exam mark schemes to make sure you are using the specific terminology in the exams to get those marks. I also love how she fits in examples of application to help us with applying the content to unfamiliar scenarios in exams. I have learnt so much in a short period of time from Olivia’s resources and online classes. The quality of the classes and resources are brilliant and Olivia herself is so patient and understanding it really shows! Her services are top quality and very efficient! Can’t recommend enough!!

lily @studytipsgcse | group a level biology classes, 2020

Olivia is honestly amazing! So far, I have taken 9 of her one-hour ‘Fundamentals of Biology’ sessions in preparation for my A-Levels next year and I have learnt so much! She explains things really well and makes even the trickiest of concepts make so much sense and this is the first time I’m even hearing of them! She covers so much in one session, but at the same time she teaches at a pace that gives you enough time to truly listen and take notes. Plus you can see how much time she has put into preparing each lesson, the slides and note sheets are incredible and really help you to understand. She also takes the time to answer every single question she’s asked and is super patient with everyone. She even offers to help anyone that needs it at any time after the session too! On top of all that, her resources and youtube videos are amazing, and being able to get loads of them for free is so helpful. I absolutely could not recommend Olivia any more, worth every single penny and more!

anisha f. | a level biology tuition, 2020

Olivia is an excellent tutor! Her methods of teaching is very effective as she breaks down every topic very concisely. She has taught me an approach to A level Biology which really has boost my grades. Olivia provides clear useful notes which incorporates mark scheme answers and covers every point of the spec! I am very grateful for all of Olivias hard work and dedication to so many students! Her advice and tips are honestly one of a kind. She is so lovely and welcoming also her online live classes are very enjoyable and interactive! I am so happy she is a part of my A level biology journey. Thank you Olivia

sunhoo j. | A level biology tuition, 2019

I have been doing biology sessions with Olivia for 2 months now and I reckon she is the best biology tutor I have ever had! Before doing a session with her, I was not confident in biology and struggled to do it. Now her sessions significantly improved my understanding. Every single lesson she is well prepared and I learn a lot from her, sometimes above the specification knowledge. The main thing I love about her sessions is that she always asks me to explain the concepts that we have covered during the lesson, to make sure I have completely understood it. This has made my revision very effective and helped to manage my time efficiently. Her resources are also amazing, it is the perfect revision tool for me! Not only being an amazing biology tutor but also she is very supportive and being helpful in terms of giving useful advice on universities. Again Olivia is a great biology tutor and I am willing to finish my final year of A-level biology with her. She is the tutor who I want to recommend it to my friends and the students who need desperate help in biology!

joanne t. | A level biology tuition, 2019

Olivia is a wonderful, caring tutor and I got an A* thanks to her patience and dedication!

tia v. | A level biology tuition, 2019

Olivia is an enthusiastic and passionate tutor and I can’t express how much she has helped me with my exam technique and understanding of important key concepts of biology. In the sessions she gives you strategic ways and tips on how to tackle tricky questions in biology. Would definitely recommend her as a tutor!

eshaya l. | A level biology tuition, 2018

Olivia is a very thorough tutor and always makes sure you understand the topic before moving on. In the last few weeks before exams her advice and tips on how to properly answer exam questions were invaluable. She helped me to secure the top grade in biology and a place in medical school. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor!

yuki z. | A level biology tuition, 2018

To be honest, Olivia is a GREAT biology tutor!! I´ve got an A in my AS biology, thanks for her clear and accurate explanations. She also told me a lot of exam technics which helped to tackle those 5 points questions in the exam. 

charlotte s. | A level biology tuition, 2018

Olivia has done wonders for my understanding of the complex topics of biology due to the fact she puts so much effort into planning for sessions. It’s so useful to have a tutor that understands the course and refers to the exam specification so that I have the best chance when it comes to the exam. I would highly recommend Olivia as a tutor.

abbie t. | A level biology tuition, 2018

Olivia is a great tutor. She tailors sessions so that you know how to get the marks in exams. I have found the sessions very beneficial, and Olivia's encouragement has helped me to become more confident in my knowledge and exam technique. Would definitely recommend.